Thursday, 28 February 2013

Very Delicious Penne with Fresh Tomatoes & Olives - Tuesday 26th February 2013

Speedy dinner as we are out tonight quizzing at the Bell, so fab pasta it is.

This is so easy, you just quarter some baby plum tomatoes, shred a handful of basil, a few spoonfuls of  black olives  - I also had some ham left over from the other day, so added this cut into cubes - and put it in your bowl.

Whilst the pasta is cooking (you can use anything, I had lovely big fat penne) fry some chopped red onions in olive oil until soft and deglaze the pan with a little sherry or cider vinegar.

Tip the penne into the onion pan with a little of the cooking water and stir to coat with the oniony sauce, then toss with the raw tomatoes in the bowl. 

Serve with a salad - we had rocket, watercress and spinach.

About 15 minutes from start to on the plate.

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