Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hand Made Pappardelle with Roasted Vegetables & Basil, Rum Pannacotta with Brazilian Lime Syrup - Friday 8th February 2013

What a fabulous afternoon I spent, making hand made pasta along with Carla and Joanna  - you can read about the amazing Twitter Tutorial here on my storify summary of the tweets.

Carla is so generous with her expertise and knowledge, and both she and Joanna are becoming dear friends through our Twitter relationship. Twitter has so much going for it, it is a deeply valuable part of my life. Anyway, I digress....

I rolled my pasta by hand not having a machine.. (yet...) and so it is rather a bit thicker than Joanna and Carla made theirs, but it cooked in about 5 minutes, and I dressed it with a fairly simple tomato sauce with roasted peppers and onions, and fresh basil. Very delicious.

To make it a real feast of a meal, we started with Minestrone again (same as yesterday) with some more semolina buns, and finished it with Rum and Vanilla Pannacotta with Lime Syrup (from a recipe in Carluccio's Two Greedy Italians book). Sorry I heated the ramekin a bit too long when unmoulding and so made some creamy sauce before the lime syrup was poured over. Not so pretty but still very delicious.  (The fabulous limes are from Brazil's new season, courtesy of Brazilian Limes, most fresh and zingy. )


  1. They look brilliant, would never guess they were handmade. Your dessert looks oozy and very pretty, what lovely food you make. Thanks for the company yesterday, it was great fun xx

    1. oh thank you Joanna!! I do love my grub.. I will never be thin and elegant. Waste of time trying really... LOL