Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bendy Pie with Kale and Mushrooms. Saturday February 2nd 2013

A shepherd's pie with a difference,  Vivia (@Farctum) christened it Flexitarian pie, and I felt that this had to be shortened down , so a Bendy Pie it is.

Really, I fancied some beans in something, and had a pack of minced beef to use up. So, chile con carne! Yeah! Errrrm. Well no. No tomatoes (used them all in the lasagne on Thursday and I'm not shopping again until Sunday). So shepherds pie with cannellini beans thrown in. And the chicken stock in the fridge can go in. And maybe a bit of thyme. And some Lea and Perrins. ... flexible you see? Check the fridge and chuck it in...

The vegetable bag revealed the ends of last weeks kale and a pack of portobellini mushrooms. I didn't think they went together usually, but Robyn ( @RobynVolker) assured me that kale and mushrooms are ace.. (and they are! thank you Robyn)  I love Twitter for good advice!!

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