Sunday, 21 August 2011

Most of August...

It's been a rough old month, not really concentrating on what I am eating, grabbing stuff on the run, sorting out carehome for my elderly mum...

So here, without any further ado, is a gallery of various dinners from during this time, no dates, no packdrill..  You will note the easy quick getitonaplate-ness of a lot of these.

Gnocchi with pesto
Salade nicoise
Ham egg and SW chips
Thai prawn curry
Smoked mackerel with Puy lentil salad
Pan Fried Duck Breast
Mince & Tatties
Chorizo Paella
Rabbit braised in cider
Roast Shoulder of Lamb
Roast Neck of Pork
Pie, Quiche and Orzo salad