Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ham and Bubble and Squeak, and Black Forest Trifle mmmmm Thursday 21st February 2013

Easy day today... lentil soup  from yesterday (which is dark brown and delicious and perhaps the least photogenic thing apart from savoury mince... so no can imagine a bowl of brown can't you?)  followed by cold gammon and my special bubble and squeak.

I love a nice bit of bubble.

I usually cook the potatoes and cabbage fresh, steam them with some leeks or onions, mash the potatoes with a little of the steaming liquid. Add in the cabbage and leeks, and today I added in some cooked chestnuts and a good bit of spice - TZ Urban Spice Dog Liar's Club spice blend, a special blend that I am honoured to have as a member of the Twitter club #TZSpiceWimmin.  I have no idea what is in it, but feel free to add in your own favourite spices!

Heat some oil until it is hot but not smoking, and splodge in the potato mix. Don't move it, let it fry and crust on the bottom, then turn it in bits breaking up the crust. Do this several times so that you have lots of bits of crunch and still some lovely hot steamy soft bits.

We had gherkins with this, but chutney or ketchup goes well too.

 (sorry about the pic quality - I didn't realise there was grease on the lens until after I had eaten the dinner.....)

Now for pudding, I had a little project for my lovely friend Carol Ford of Growing Direct, who saw a pic of a rather luscious trifley thing on Facebook. She was asking for the recipe, and I offered to invent something if she didn't hear..

It came out rather well if not as prettily as the Seasonal Berries one. I have written this one up in full over on A Greedy Piglet.  I shall leave you with suitable yummy mmm nom nom type noises..

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