Friday, 8 February 2013

Minestrone and Smoked Salmon Salad - Thursday February 7th 2013

A main course smoked salmon salad from the Total hamper that we won recently, followed by minestrone and home made rolls.

I love the little salad I made for the salmon, nothing difficult, just little gem lettuce, cucumber, and then gherkins , capers and sliced silverskin onions, dressed with hazelnut vinegar, no oil.  Sort of the flavours of tartare sauce (which was actually on the side, but I made it after I had taken the pictures as OH reminded me to make it. Then wanted his dinner NOW! So no more photo opportunities...) but in a salad.

The tartare sauce (that you can't see...) is delicious by the way. One part of mayonnaise to two parts of Total Greek Yoghurt, with chopped gherkins, capers and silverskin onions, maybe a little lemon zest if you fancy it, maybe a little chopped parsley if you have it.. Easy and quick and MILES better than anything you will buy.

More frugality to follow , we are still eating our way through the veg in the fridge. I bought too many varieties, which means I end up with lots of bits and ends. They make fabulous soup of course.

I made some on Wednesday (a boring day, not worth writing up, soup and bangers and mash) with some mixed casserole veg (picked up for 30p on the cheaps counter) an onion and a parsnip or two (also going very cheap so OH grabbed them), pressure cooked together with some vegetable stock and blitzed. Very delicious but look, you can see it isn't very photogenic.

It is not easy to show how delicious vegetable soups are when they are blended up, you will have to take my word for it.

But today I made minestrone, and that is MUCH more camera happy. Look...

You can make it pretty much with any veg you fancy, with the addition of something meaty (bacon and chorizo here) and some beans and some pasta. Oh and a carton of chopped tomatoes.


Oh I forgot the bread, some more of my version of  Dan Lepard's brilliant semolina rolls.

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