Friday, 17 January 2014

A Friday Swoosh...Chicken Teriyaki again...

More Chicken Teriyaki!  I do love teriyaki sauce.. sweet, yet salty, and so tasty.

I kept the skin on the boned out chicken thighs this time, and grilled them rather than sautéing them, but I prefer them skinned I think. Otherwise, almost the same as the last teriyaki day... but I am playing with a new camera, so we have new slinky photos!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Swoosh four - griddled squid

Are you still with me in my swoosh fest? Number four used a small pack of fresh squid rings. Of course, you could use fresh squid. I just didn't feel like preparing it.... nothing wrong with using pre-prepared fish and meat, it gives other people a job :)

Protein: aforesaid squid rings, blanched, and tossed with 1 tsp sesame oil then griddled until only just cooked through (no more than 2 minutes or they will go tough) and put to one side.

Aromatics:  lemongrass, galangal, ginger, kaffir lime leaves. This is my go to for fish and shellfish.

Veggies: slivered spring onions, slivered mangetout, chopped Tenderstem broccoli, bok choi, separated and cut into large pieces, sliced mushrooms

Sauce: Shoyu and oyster sauce in equal quantities.

Noodles; medium wheat noodles - the straight to wok ones.

warning: this was very light, and my husband was still hungry after dinner. So perhaps this is something to have some extra rice with? or just up the amount of veggies.

swoosh three - fish pie mix

so go to Swoosh one.  Follow the instructions except you will:

Replace the noodles with a pack of Udon noodles.
Replace the prawns with a pack of fish pie mix fish pieces ( I was going to make chowder with them, but then decided to swoosh them instead)
Use any veggie you have that isn't too strong flavoured (I am thinking cabbage or swede or turnip type...  )
Pop some black sesame seeds on at the end.

Are you still swooshing with me?

swoosh day two.... teriyaki chicken

Today's swoosh.

Bowl one: A pack of ready to wok Udon noodles (one every two people)

Bowl two: 1 and a half chicken breasts for two people. Cut into chunks. Marinated in two tablespoons teriyaki sauce and a teaspoon of Kecap Manis (Indonesian sweet soy)

Bowl three: veggies: today's are slivered white onion, sliced yellow pepper, sliced mushrooms, slivered mange tout, sliced bok choi. 

Bowl four: sauce for veggies, two tablespoons oyster sauce, one of japanese shoyu

Bowl five: herbs: chopped coriander

Cook the chicken in a little oil in a frying pan until cooked through. Put to one side.

Swoosh as instructed in the last post ...  Plate veggies, top with chicken and eat.  Roughly 10 minutes (getting faster)

My new way of eating....... you chop it, you swoosh it...

Low Fat dinners. No lovely crisp crackling, no delicious meaty juices glistening with gorgeous meaty fat...

Fills you with dread doesn't it? Well stop that dreading right now... I have the answer.

Spices and herbs, I think, are crucial when you are leaving fat out of the equation, and the cuisine I think has this in spades (as OH doesn't like Indian which would also be a contender) is Asian stir fried food. Low in fat, high in flavour. And infinitely variable.

So day one of Stir Fry diet -  Prawn and Rice Noodles. Total fat used one teaspoonful of Crush Stir Fry Oil. Total time, including chopping 15 mins.

Six bowls to be prepared in advance.

Bowl one: Noodles - rice sticks, roughly 80-100g per person, these ones need simmering for 10 minutes, but follow the instructions on the package, some just need soaking, some need cooking. Keep them in a bowl of cold water whichever you use.

Bowl two: sliced vegetables, I had slivered sweet white onions, red peppers, julienned carrots, cauliflower florets, green fine beans.  Use enough to fill your serving plate per person.

Bowl three: aromatics - sliced garlic, ginger, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass.

Bowl four: protein. Raw jumbo prawns (frozen) roughly 6-8 per person, fully defrosted if frozen.

Bowl five: sauce. Two tablespoons oyster sauce, one tablespoon fish sauce for every two people. 

Bowl six. herbs. Chopped basil and coriander.

Hot hot hot wok. first that teeny bit of oil, then aromatics. Swoosh swoosh swoosh.  Add prawns. Swoosh swoosh swoosh until they are pink and opaque. Add veggies. Swoosh swoosh swoosh. Add couple of tablespoons of water, which should turn to steam straight away. SWWWWWOOOOOSH. more swoosh swoosh. Add noodles and sauce. Swoosh swoosh swoosh until all piping hot. Total time should be around 5 minutes max.

Onto plates and sprinkle with herbs.

Eat slowly with chopsticks, and smile righteously to yourself.

So that was a birthday to forget in a hurry.....

I said that New Year started for me after my birthday, didn't I?

Oh boy did it start.

With the bang that was my gall-bladder hitting the roof over being fed a very delicious couple of lamb chops, with new potatoes, sprouts sautéed with chestnuts and some steamed beetroot. 

Looks fine doesn't it? I ate it enjoyed it, and then 3am the cramps started, and continued for 5 days.....

So Mr Lamb Chop and your Friend there... it is all your fault......

Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Year of the Horse 2014... Giddyup.... it's nearly a New Year!

Christmas, then New Year, then my birthday (7th of January if you are thinking of sending a card or present... thank you very much :) so for me The New Year (as against New Year's Day) Celebrations start on the 8th January.

What would you like to see here as a celebration?  Come on, please give me some ideas.....