Thursday, 21 February 2013

Let's not eat the chicken then.... Tuesday February 19th 2013

Chicken wings take longer than you think to get tender.  These looked lovely, but were still not as I like them, after 45 mins in a hot oven. And I get nervous about undercooked chicken, even though these were lovely free-range wings from the Farmers Market.

So they came off the plate and got replaced with some cheese...

So was it just a ploy to eat up more cheese?

Well the cheese went well with the homemade coleslaw, and some freshly baked bread, so really it didn't matter, and the chicken wings? I have a cunning plan for those...

The coleslaw? that was a use up-the-fridge baby.  A quarter of a sweetheart cabbage (one of those delicate pointy ones), one baby gem lettuce, a stick of celery, all sliced finely, two carrots grated. A teaspoonful of poppy seeds. A tablespoon of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of Greek Yoghurt, a tablespoon of vinaigrette. All just mixed together and allowed to mellow for about 10 minutes.

Great with cheese. I reckon it would make a good cheese sandwich too.

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