Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Duck Breast with Black Pudding and Apple Cabbage, Blackberry Vodka Gravy - Sunday Nov 27th

Roast Duck Breast with Black pudding, apple slices and green cabbage, mashed potatoes and a Blackberry Vodka gravy.

I fancied a change from fish and rice, so delving down into the depths of the freezer, I discovered a couple of Gressingham duck breasts. 

And I had some black pudding slices. Bury black pudding, rather than my usual delicious Ramsay of Karluke version.  A sincere thank you to Helen at A Forkful of Spaghetti for mentioning that Bury pudding has a relatively low fat profile, which, allied to the fact I can get it at Sainsbury's, is a win in anyone's book.

Black pudding needs sauteed apple slices in my opinion.

And mashed potatoes. 

With a rich gravy sweetened with some blackberry vodka I made earlier this year. 

You can get the feel for the comfort food I was wanting can't you?

So you will be pleased to know that I trimmed the fat off the duck before eating it, but it did look nicer in the photo with it still on...

Monday, 28 November 2011

Even more Fish & Rice! Kedgeree & Risotto November 2011

I am loving my fish and rice.  My stomach and gall bladder seem to be calming down, though I suppose I shall still have to have something done about the gallstones. But not this side of Christmas I think...

So in the meantime, I am being relatively careful with what I eat, which means only half an ounce of butter on my crumpets instead of half a pack. Only the odd square or two of chocolate instead of the entire bar. And still plenty of fish and rice.

This week, the fish and rice dinners were

Kedgeree (you can find out how to make this over on A Greedy Piglet...)
Prawn, leek and pea risotto  (recipe here on A Greedy Piglet..)

Friday, 18 November 2011

Fish and rice... and more fish and rice...

You may have noticed (or more probably not...) that I haven't been here for ages..

My poor mum has been in hospital having broken her hip, and the stress of worrying about her seems to have brought on a gallstone problem for me.

So my diet has been rather boring. I find that I can't have much fat in any day at all. Saturated fat in particular doesn't do my gallbladder any favours, so I have been largely keeping my fat allowance for a square or two of chocolate with my afternoon coffee.

Which leaves me with a rather limited choice of food for dinner.  I have found that white meat is okish, but that fish is the better way to go. With rice rather than potatoes. Ho Hum.

This does limit my choices. And makes for a rather boring picture. So I have only a few to show you from these last few weeks.

You will notice that I am using a lot of fruit vinegars at the moment, they don't seem to affect my insides, and are fat free and very delicious. Try some! 

Griddled Tuna with Orange and Mace Dressing from Womersley Vinegars , parsley rice, green beans and peas
Ceviche of Trout , Rice Vermicelli salad with Tiger Prawns & home made Grapefruit Vinegar, with crunchy julienne vegetables, dressed in lime juice and coriander
Pan Fried Mackerel Fillets dressed in Golden Raspberry & Apache Chili dressing with Wild Rice and Green Beans.

And I also made some Chicken and Mushroom soup to have something to eat at lunchtime, butter being out, so sandwiches rather boring...