Thursday, 26 July 2012

Cold Cuts.. with more salad...!! Thursday 26th July 2012

It is still very hot. It was 27 degrees in my office, and 29 in the kitchen. Oof.

I KNOW lots of you in the world regularly have hotter. But this is damp, cool England. We are not used to Phew It's A Scorcher type weather. So I don't like eating hot much. I like dinner at room temperature, neither hot nor cold. The flavours are better, the eating is better, I feel better. Only small amounts of meat too.

So today it is just a couple of packs of ready cooked cold cuts (from the cheaps counter at Sainsbury if you want to know) - some ham that we wouldn't normally get, but OH didn't notice it was pre-formed.. And some cold venison, not something I've ever seen before, and rather odd. Like eating cold liver. Might sound repellent, but actually quite nice!

 With a simple new potato, red onion and parsley salad, and a mixed salad of mainly romain, watercress and spinach, with runner beans and peas. And a handful of baby pomodorino tomatoes. Dressing a light vinaigrette, olive oil, tarragon vinegar and a splash of grapefruit vinegar. Salt and a shake of ToeZapper's 5P seasoning.

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