Monday, 16 July 2012

Chargrilled Sardines with samphire, peas and new potatoes - Sunday 15th July 2012

As I write this it is Monday evening. And still the house smells of grilled sardines. We have had doors and windows open, Febreze has been sprayed with wild abandon (even though I hate the chemical scent of it), all fishy things have been carefully wrapped and thrown away.  These delicious fish do not take olfactory prisoners, and are not something to cook the day before you have important visitors. So there, you have been warned..

But oh, they do taste delicious. Charred on a ridged grill pan, so that the skin is crispy. Served with something simple, sliced new potatoes cooked until almost tender, then fresh peas thrown in for five minutes and samphire for the last 30 seconds or so, drained and served with no other adornment but a slice or two of lemon.

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