Monday, 16 July 2012

Ratatouille with Penne Pasta - Thursday 12th July 2012

More leftovers to use up, this is yesterday's ratatouille, Sunday's last smidgeon of BBQ sauce, and an extra garlic bread from Sunday also.

The ratatouille warmed up with the BBQ sauce, tossed with penne pasta, the garlic bread baked, a little green salad on the side, lovely and as quick and frugal as you will get.


  1. Nice and cosy food for a cold grey day Lynne.. yum as always! Vxx

    1. thank you Veronica, sometimes you just can't be bothered to cook anything that involves thinking! I am off to see what the fridge has to offer in a moment as I forgot to get any meat out of the freezer... oooops.