Thursday, 26 July 2012

Three Salads : Potato, Hass Avocado, Samphire and Green Bean, with Smoked Mackerel - Monday July 23rd 2012

Three salads today.. new potatoes with parsley and red onion in a mustardy vinaigrette. A Hass Avocado salsa with lime and coriander, and  lightly blanched samphire with radish, romaine lettuce, and cooked green beans  in a light dressing of olive oil and grapefruit vinegar. With flaked hot smoked mackerel on the side.

I bought a whole smoked mackerel from Lidl, rather than fillets, and flaked it off the bone.. Much softer and very good indeed.  I recommend. 


  1. lovely! Perfect for a warm summer evening :)

  2. Thank you Joanna! It was lovely. I love samphire in a salad, I should have it more often really...