Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gravlax with New Potato, Runner Bean and Pea salad - Monday 16th July 2012

This should have been very delicious, and it will be if you make it with a decent quality of gravlax. However, I was tempted by the bargain price of Lidl's cured salmon, but it really wasn't worth it. Thickly cut, slightly coarse in flavour and greasy to boot.  Next time I will use a different source for my salmon, or just use fresh, lightly poached salmon instead.

The salad was lovely though. Simple enough. New potatoes, fresh runner beans and peas, with chopped shallots and dill , a light dressing of grapefruit vinegar and olive oil. With hard boiled eggs and a base of mixed green salad.

Fresh and lovely.

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