Friday, 3 August 2012

Flammeküche with Salad - Saturday July 28th 2012

Flammeküche - fab name isn't it!

It is an Alsatian French/German dish (called Tarte Flambé on the French side of the border) that is often made with bread dough, but equally as often with puff pastry which is this version.  Simple, just ready made puff pastry rolled out into a square, the edges squared and the trimmings used to make a border, spread with a seasoned mixture of sour cream and ricotta, topped with sautéed  ready cubed pancetta and some shallots or onions, baked for 25 mins until the edges are nice and brown and the pastry looks cooked.  Then dollop some more ricotta on top and serve with salad.

I reckon about 40 mins top to bottom.

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