Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Izzy's Birthday Dinner - BBQ Chicken and CAKE! Monday 9th July 2012

Rather nice dinner for the Amazing IzzyWizzy's 2nd birthday today.. My famous Barbecue Chicken taken from my very old Supercook books, this recipe has followed me through my life since the late 70s :))

It is the recipe for Barbecue Spareribs, but I always do it with chicken thighs and drumsticks. And I don't really follow the method much, I don't cook the sauce in advance, just whoosh everything together in the food processor. Tip it over the chicken, cover with foil, cook for an hour, take the foil off, cook another hour so slightly charred on the top.

 Barbecue Chicken with salad and new potatoes

 and followed by a rather luscious Very Chocolatey Cake.

Izzy loved the cake :-)

Here she is enjoying herself

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