Saturday, 18 August 2012

A Family Feast - Portuguese Citrus Roast Pork, with Roast Veggies - Tuesday August 15th 2012

I love to cook for the family when they come over, Rebekah and Clinton love my food, and it is truly delightful to feed them, to force-feed the poor souls in fact.. I wonder if they ever feel like a goose being crammed for foie gras?

I unearthed a favourite way of cooking pork I haven't made for a while now.  This is a Portuguese method using lemon and orange juice with white wine to tenderise and flavour the pork, the marinade also makes a delicious gravy.  Roast Mediterranean vegetables and olive oil roast potatoes with rosemary, and roast sweet potatoes complete the plateful.   Oh, and Dan Lepard's Semolina Buns to soak up any runaway juices..

Seconds anyone?

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