Sunday, 12 August 2012

Clementine Glazed Carrots with Chicken and Roast Potatoes - Saturday August 11th 2012

On Friday I received an amazing gift of South African ClemenGold clementines to use in various recipes.

Stunning shiny golden orbs, I love clementines. More acid yet sweeter than a lot of the small citrus in the shops, I think they lend themselves to lots of different uses.

Apart from scarfing half a dozen of them in the half hour after they arrived, I decided that the zest would work beautifully with some salty butter and a splash of orange vinegar to make a sticky glaze for the carrots to serve with simple roast chicken thighs and crunchy olive oil roast potatoes.


  1. Oh wow! That looks just fabulous, I am always too impatient to make glazes, I have to up my cooking techniques one of these days. I have been brooding about making that braise then burn style belly pork, but all the recipes seem so elaborate, I just want a pared down version - goal sweet soft inside, and sweet crunchy outside, any thoughts?

    1. My carrot glaze is easier than easy peasy.. when you cook the carrots, keep them a teeny bit firm. Drain them, but keep back half a cupful of the water, put the carrots back in the pan with the saved water, a spoonful of sugar, a good large dollop of butter and a spoonful of clementine zest (or lemon zest, or some parsley, even capers are good). Bring it back to the boil for a moment or two until the sugar is dissolved, and swirl it around to coat the carrots. Done! That's it!

    2. When you say the braise then burn pork belly, is that an Asian style one, or a French style one?

  2. 😍no excuses then ! Thanks Lynne!