Monday, 27 August 2012

This last week - Feast days - Saturday to Saturday 18th-25th August 2012

Busy old week, and I've had raging face-ache for most of it, so feeling very sorry for myself.. ah well, a girl has still got to eat, hasn't she?

These are most of the feast day dinners this week (plus a couple of dead boring pasta ones...).  On the Horizon programme, they call them "feed" days against "fast" days for the limited calorie ones, but I like "feast" better. Gives me more of a sense of making up for the "starving" days...

Saturday 18th

Not in much of a mood for cooking today but I really did fancy something fresh and veggie based. So some of the cold griddled peppers from Thursday, some more fab Peruvian avocado, a few new potatoes and some green salad.

Sunday 19th

Still not cooking much. Poached Smoked haddock, new potatoes, carrots and peas.

ah, its Sunday. Pudding today.. I made individual creme caramels to have with some raspberries.

Monday 20th 

Another largely vegetarian day - avocados with bacon today, with a lovely heritage tomato and ridge cucumber salad, with fresh thyme and parsley.

and since that was very light and delicious, I rewarded myself with another creme caramel with raspberries... 

Thursday 23rd 

Noodle salad with shredded carrots, cauliflower and radish

Saturday 25th 

I really couldn't be bothered to cook anything interesting today. Griddled vegetables, some roast potatoes and sweet potato, and then I found some smoked mackerel and the rest of the feta in the fridge. So that got stuck on the plate. It didn't go. It was just food...

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