Monday, 6 August 2012

Quick Roast Pork Loin, Roast Potatoes, Fresh peas & cabbage - Sunday 5th August 2012

Hard when the weather is close, I don't always want to heat the oven for the time it takes to cook a lovely piece of slow roast pork, but the potatoes only take 45 mins once they are parboiled. I can cope with that.

So this is crispy crunchy olive oil roasted potatoes, with a grilled pork loin steak, fresh peas and cabbage, and a tasty gravy made with my favourite gravy mix Bonne Maman's Madeira gravy (I first heard of this when Gary Rhodes recommended it in one of his Rhodes around Britain books..not sure which at the moment, I'll have to go and check..  Much tastier than most gravy mixes) 

Not had roasties for a while now.... mmm... have to have them again I think. (p.s. the three left over ones in the fridge didn't make it through the evening... ooops.)

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