Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fish Pie and Runner Beans - Wednesday August 8th 2012

It is so hard to make a fish pie look attractive when it is on the plate.  It just looks like a creamy slushy mushy thing. But honestly , this was delicious.

I made it low fat, as I had watched The Hairy Bikers new diet programme The Hairy Dieters, and thought, they are right you know, it shouldn't be that hard to just keep things lighter, and maybe end up less "lardy" as they put it.. Not everyday, I mean tomorrow I have lamb chops. I'm not likely to be stripping off the fatty yumminess of them, but there are certainly some things that can stand a little tweaking.

So I made the sauce with skimmed milk and without butter, no butter in the mashed potato topping, lots of herbs and spicy seasoning from TZ., no cheese on the top. And it was good!

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