Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Proper Roast Chicken. With Stuffing. And everything...Sunday 17th June 2012

I love a roast chicken. But it is so rare that I make one. Perhaps because good free range chickens don't raise their heads in the cheaps section very often?

Well, the week before last, when Bob was feeling very poorly with his chicken pox, and I made him proper chicken soup, I was lucky to be in Sainsbury's when they were marking down some excellent free range chickens to a fraction of their original price. I would have bought more, except I don't have a very large freezer, but I did get two, took the breasts and legs off both of them, and used the wings and carcasses and one set of legs for the soup.  Breasts I froze as crowns and decided to roast one this weekend.

Anointed with olive oil and dusted with seasoning and some dried tarragon leaves, I quick roasted it for 20 mins and then reduced the heat right down for another 40. Gives a good crisp skin without drying the meat out too much.

And we had my amazing easy stuffing balls. Ordinary sage and onion stuffing, made up with boiling water, and then, whilst it is still hot, add 2 sausages (any kind) taken out of their skins, and mixed well in. Make into balls with wet hands and cook around the chicken. Fab.

Roast Chicken with tarragon, stuffing balls, roast potatoes and spring cabbage.

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