Saturday, 16 June 2012

Lumaconi alla vongole ... Weds 14th June 2012

Sometimes it isn't about the cooking. It is just about good things you can buy.   Today, I felt lazy, so pasta and a bought sauce. But the pasta is special, and the sauce delicious. I recommend.

Sainbury's Lumaconi pasta - huge snail shells that are really good with meaty and tomato sauces, with bits in that can get in the crevices.
Sainsbury's Vongole sauce.  I am not a lover of bought pasta sauces in general, but this one is good. Not too much tomato puree, so a lighter consistency than most, and plenty of little clams throughout.

Add a green salad and a garlic pizza bianca made with the Napolina pizza base from my #capricornchallenge hamper and the cheatin' dinner is done.

Lumaconi Pasta alla vongole with garlic pizza bianca 

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