Thursday, 27 June 2013

Stuffed Breads - Wednesday June 26th 2013

I was practicing today for the Essex Food Festival baking competition, one of which is for a savoury filled loaf. I am assuming that the filling has to be baked in, rather than just filling it like a sandwich...

Anyway, I digress. The breads were therefore the main event, one with pesto/pinenuts/provolone cheese and the other with polish Wiejska sausage/tapenade/provolone cheese. Both the doughs followed Carla Tomasi's Italian enriched dough recipe as detailed in my Storify post about it. 

With some extra cheese and sausage, some left over saucisson sec from the other day, and a bit of salad, it was a fine rough and ready dinner.

The breads?  The flatter one was ok, but had baked a bit hard. The rolled one was better. I really wasn't sure about the fillings, but today the pesto one is much nicer, more mellow, really good cut and toasted. I fed the remains of the flat one to the neighbourhood fox, but really should have kept it and seen how that matured as well. Oh well.

Still nearly three weeks to carry on playing with doughs and fillings to get to something I will be proud to enter :)


  1. All that practicing must be hard work ;) Would you like to come and practice up here? I'm doing a sort of curry in half a loaf for supper tomorrow but I scoop out the bread and pour the curry into the empty shell. I suspect that would be cheating for the competition.

    1. ooh yummy! I was wondering if a sort of pan bagnat might be acceptable but I am going to carry on down the baked in route... next step is a nut and fennel one. Maybe with some roasted garlic. And one with roasted peppers and olives.