Friday, 28 June 2013

Gammon Steak, how retro! Thursday June 27th 2013

A grilled gammon steak is so out of fashion, only to be found in the most un-gastro of pubs, topped with a pineapple ring from a can, or a fried egg.

But it is a deeply savoury, deliciously easy dinner as well. And if bacon is so fashionable, why not bring back gammon?

A tip - use kitchen scissors to snip through the fat around the outside, cutting through a band of tissue that lies just below the fat, that way the meat won't buckle and curl under the grill.


  1. Gammon has never gone out of fashion in this house! We even go the whole hog (sic!) and add the pineapple from the can. Well, if you're going to do retro, you might as well go for it! :)

    1. I never have canned pineapple in the house any more though, we are all fresh pineapple!!! I wonder if that would be too sharp?