Monday, 8 July 2013

The weekend... lamb and pork and lots of it...Saturday / Sunday July 6/7th 2013

 Let's start with Saturday. More of the same as Friday, so it doesn't justify an entry of its own, but nothing wrong with double leftovers when they are this good...

And then came Sunday.

Family over for dinner... it was The Amazing Izzy Whizzie's 3rd birthday on Saturday, so it was important to have things that she liked. Roast Potatoes. Cucumber. Icecream. Possibly in that order.

And things that we liked too of course. I decided on a slow roast shoulder of pork, cooked rather like pork belly, but meatier as it was a shoulder.  A rub of rosemary salt pepper and smoked paprika, and a dousing of lemon juice, cider vinegar and white wine.  Half an hour in a searingly hot oven, then turned right down, covered in foil (I have discovered Bacofoil nonstick foil, which really doesn't stick to crackling! Hurray! ) and a further 4 hours. Then off with the foil, drain the juices to make gravy, and UP with the heat to crackle the crackling.

Let it cool a bit, and then sorta slice, sorta pull apart because it is quite soft for cutting. 


With it, barbecue sauce:  quantities are up to you, taste as you go: sauted onion and garlic, a carton of chopped tomatoes. Mustard powder, smoked paprika, oregano. Worcester Sauce, lemon juice, maple syrup. A bit of salt. Simmered until a red glorious pulp.

Salad (and cucumber of course...). Broccoli. Roast Mediterranean veggies (cos they are so good and I am addicted..) Roast Potatoes. Home made bread to mop up the sauce and gravy.

and as it is a Special Birthday, a cake.. it is Lance's (Izzy's little brother) 1st birthday next week, so he is included on the cake :)

I make nice cakes. But this wasn't one of my best I have to say. And the icing is pants. Never mind.

I like pork better anyway :)

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