Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Quick quick quick pasta and stir in sauce Tuesday July 2nd 2013

We have started eating out on Tuesdays when we go to the quiz, but we are having a PullTheHornsIn and SpendAsLittleAsPossible week this week. So pasta and a pack of ready-made stir in sauce, a couple of pieces of salami sliced into ribbons and a sprinkling of parmesan made a quick quick dinner.

What is it they say in Italian? Pronto presto!


  1. I managed to spend only £31.49 on a family of five this week by using what we had already. And not a curried omelette and pickled beetroot salad in sight :)

    Tomorrow is spaghetti with lime and chilli. That's a total of four ingredients if you include the olive oil!

    1. I can't say I have spent that little, mainly because we eat a LOT of fruit, so that (and salad) accounts for perhaps £40 each week.. but that is my main expense so I an not complaining.

      And it doesn't hurt us to eat simply most of the time.