Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sausage Patties with Kale and Mash - Thursday October 4th 2012

There are times when I love a sausage. OK, you are quite right... ALWAYS I love a sausage. But sometimes I love a sausage with no skin. Does that make any sense?

I think some good quality sausages come in skins that can be a little tough. Nothing wrong with that in its own place (probably at breakfast time when my teeth are sharper) but I have a very fond place in my heart for sausage patties made with sausage meat.

I discovered these the first Christmas I cooked on my own, when with two of us even stuffing and sausage rolls didn't use up all the sausage meat I had bought.   So I patted it down into little flat burger shaped, dusted them in a little flour and fried in just a little oil until toasty and cooked through. I really love the way the outside goes slightly crusty and very flavoursome, and now buy sausagemeat for the purpose. These ones are more oblong as my sausagemeat today was in a nice oblong shape, but if I buy sausagemeat in a tubby tube, then I just cut pieces from the fat sausage about 2 ins thick, flatten them a little and off we go.

If you don't fancy your local sausagemeat, but have ace sausages in their skins, no problem just slit the skins and slip the sausages out. Flatten them out into roadkill sausages and treat them the same way.

I made these with creamy mashed potatoes, carrots and lovely sprightly fresh Kale from Aldeburgh.

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