Monday, 15 October 2012

Grilled Mackerel fillets and Salad - Sunday October 14th 2012

Very nice fish on the fish stall at Walthamstow Farmers Market today, so I treated myself to a nice fat mackerel, and a couple of horse mackerel (more of them tomorrow..).

I filleted it myself, and because I am lazy about pin boning, cut each fillet into two channeling out the pinbones as I went. So each of us had 2 nice slim fillets.

It is still eat up the fridge in this house, and I had salad to use up, and a bag of salad potatoes (baby Maris Pipers) from the farmers market last week, so these I boiled and then tossed in a beurre blanc made with my grapefruit vinegar instead of wine. (A little too sweet, next time I will use half and half with white wine) and flavoured with fresh dill.

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