Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pinney Smoked Sardines and Old Smokey Coleslaw - Tuesday October 2nd 2012

Part of my haul from Aldeburgh Food Festival, some smoked fish from Pinney's of Orford.  I bought some smoked sardines, as I had never had these before.

They are delicious but there are a couple of things to be learnt..

a) they look as though they are ungutted, but in fact they have been gutted through their gills, so only have their roes inside. Phew.

b) Unlike fresh or canned sardines, the skins are tough, and need to be removed before eating. The bones are tiny except for the main backbone, but you may as well fillet the fish for serving as they will be easier to eat and look nicer on the plate. As you can see, I didn't discover this until we were eating them as I had plated them whole, just with their heads taken off, assuming the skin would be tender and edible.

The coleslaw is shredded golden beetroot, carrot and red cabbage, with added poppy seeds, and dressed with my grapefruit vinegar and a splash of olive oil. Seasoning this time was some of Toezapper The Urban Spiceman's Old Smokey seasoning that complemented the fish beautifully.


  1. yet to see anything that isn't totally delicious.

    1. Ah Richard, you do say the nicest things :) I do like Pinney's fish, we visited the Richardson smokehouse afterwards, I wish I'd kept some dosh back, theirs have a darker smoke and look quite amazing! Look, they are here... really good story. I have some pics of the smokehouse you have seen nothing like it! (well, you probably have, but you know what I mean...)

  2. if Nigel Slater gives it the thumbs up it must be faultless: