Friday, 18 May 2018

Sea Bass and Samphire - Thursday 17th May

I love samphire for it's bright, salty flavour, perfect for bringout out the flavour of a delicious fish like sea bass.

This meal, took me a solid 5 minutes to cook. How quick is that! The purple sprouting broccoli (yes, it goes green when it's cooked...) takes around 2 mins to steam, the samphire less than a minute in a pan with butter and a little water, and the sea bass fillet in a frying pan with butter and oil for 5 minutes to make sure the skin is lovely and crisp.

I don't count calories btw, although this is very low in calories, I am counting carbs. I have a daily allowance of 20-30 carbs (the lower amount for preference, the upper if I feel like stretching it a bit...) and this meal came in at 3 carbs.

Giving me room for strawberries and cream for pudding. Mmmmm

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