Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Salads galore...

I find I am eating a lot of salads.

By which I suppose I mean the easiest option, when faced with a limited selection of green vegetables to pick from, is to put together a green salad, and maybe add in one or two higher carb bits and pieces for variety. It looks fresh, and it fills the plate.

So far, I am keeping to my stated aim of eating less than 30grams of carb a day, and eating within an 8 hour window, fasting for the remaining 18 hours. I'd like to say the weight is falling off, but it isn't at the moment. I've lost around 12lb in a month, which is good by anyone's standards, but 10 of that was in the first 10 days, and I've stayed roughly the same since then. But I will Hold The Faith, and keep going.

Even if the weight isn't falling away, I feel much more lively, much less achey. I'm sleeping better. My husband says his arms fit round me more easily, so we are using how far up his arm he can grab when he hugs me as my optimal point of reference for whether I am losing girth or not...

So, without further ado, here is a batch of salads for you,

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