Thursday, 31 May 2018

It was only a little scallop...

A totally unexpected treat: Bob nipped over to Sainsbury's to get a loaf of bread and some milk, and came back with smoked cod for breakfast tomorrow, and a pack of eight fat, fresh, scallops from the cheaps counter—reduced to £1.70 from £7. Bargainous!

So, instead of cold meat and salad, we had scallops and salad. Look at the caramelisation on these little beauties!

Sad to say, from a keto point of view, scallops DO contain carbs. Not a huge number, but more certainly than crab, prawns or most fish. I was equally shocked to find that octopus and squid also have a higher carb count. Who would have guessed?  But at 1.5g of carb per scallop, there was still only 6 carbs on the plate, and scallops (and all seafood for that matter) is a little bomb of nutrition and minerals so I'm happy to add them into my diet.

All Day Long, mate.

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