Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Sausages and a nice pork chop...

Back in the day, you couldn't get a low carb sausage for love nor money. If you found one, it was dry, tasteless, lacking in everything sausagey.

But the new wave of high meat sausages are delicious, and very low in carbs. I found these sausages in Sainsbury's new Taste the Difference selection. These are called The Meaty Ones and are 97% pork, with just one gram of carbohydrate for two sausages. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting to keep gluten out of their diet too, and, actually, for anyone else! Delicious.

It has turned colder the last couple of days, and merits warmer food. This pork chop hit the spot the other day. I allowed myself a spoonful of apple sauce...

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