Thursday, 4 April 2013

Learning about pre-diabetes & a low carb Ham Dinner - Thurs April 4th 2013

Blood tests back and sugar and HBA1C levels show pre-diabetes rather than full blown Type 2 diabetes. Which is a relief, yet not something to sit back and relax about, as it could still develop into that...

An appointment with a dietician has been requested, and until then it will be time to scour the net and read books and generally chat with anyone who has been there and done that. So if you have, do make contact please!

In the interim, I feel it is probably best to keep to a relatively low GI diet, and forgo the delicious yet deadly refined carbs. I started today by substituting puy lentils for the potatoes I would normally have with my boiled gammon and root vegetables. Still delicious, but not as good for soaking up the liquor!

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