Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter -- Paschal Lamb but its all about the cakes.. Sunday March 31st 2013

We had delicious slow roast lamb with rosemary, roast potatoes, etc. etc... but you don't want to know about that.. it is the same as this one - and once again I was too eager to eat the plateful to remember to take a photograph...

Never mind, it is Easter and all about the cakes and chocolate. Sainsbury's had run out of Easter Eggs by Friday and I hadn't thought well enough in advance to buy any more than some creme eggs for Izzy's Easter Egg Hunt but never mind.. I have maltesers. They are egg shaped.  So we have little Easter Malteser Nests.. Sort of.

Little vanilla sponge cakes, with chocolate buttercream filling and chocolate ganache icing. With malteser eggs.

And of COURSE there was pudding #2 .. a Greek Yoghurt Cherry Fruyo cheesecake made to the same method as my Oliver Hardy cheesecake but with these ingredients:

The Fruyo made it a pretty very pale pink colour, we had it with strawberries and passion fruit pulp. Very fresh and tasty!

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