Thursday, 4 April 2013

Boulangere potatoes and finishing up the lamb - Wednesday April 3rd 2013

A slow cooked shoulder of lamb simply has no waste. Unlike traditionally cooked lamb, that clings to the bones in a determined fashion, when it is slow cooked, the collagen melts away and the meat just falls from the bones.

So from one shoulder, I got a large roast dinner for Easter Sunday for 4 adults and one child, a second roast dinner for two people on Monday (and slow roasted lamb reheats beautifully - just wrap in foil and re-roast alongside the potatoes) and today the last of the lamb cold, again for two people. So that is 8 portions (plus a teeny one) from one joint of lamb that cost £14, averaging out at less than £2 per portion, That is GOOD value.

It was so cold today I wanted something warming and cosy, boulangere potatoes are easy and like a potato based fluffy jumper. Simply slice floury potatoes and onions, layer them in a dish, cover with stock (I used Essential Cuisine lamb stock powder) and a scattering of herbs (thyme here) and bake for an hour to an hour and a half on a moderate heat. Very untemperamental is this dish, so it can be cooked early and reheated when you want it. Excellent with chops as well as cold meat.


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    1. Hello Dan! yes it was :) I love boulangeres cold too... I know I am just a piglet...