Saturday, 30 March 2013

Prawn and Highland Smoked Salmon Risotto - Thursday March 28th 2013

Sometimes it is nice to have a couple of days without any meat, we have hardly eaten any red meat this week, and to continue this theme, today was a creamy risotto, with prawns and smoked salmon.  The recipe is the same as the one I posted here on A Greedy Piglet a year or so ago, with the addition of some shredded runner beans and some flaked smoked salmon.

At the International Food Exhibition, I was given a sample to try of Highland Smoked Salmon, a lovely soft salty smoke, but the salmon still had a nice bite to it, not at all soft and smooshy like some. The salmon was long cut, which makes for beautiful strips of salmon from the full length of the side, and these flaked easily to add to the risotto when it was finished so as not to book the salmon.   Highland Smoked Salmon is supplied to the restaurant trade in the main, but I hope that their lovely fish will be available for us to buy one day soon.

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