Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Avocado Salsa and some left over chili..Monday March 4th 2013

Leftovers are lovely, but they often need perking up.

The perfect addition to the chili from yesterday is a bowl of avocado salsa, fresh and lively. Good to remind myself that spring is on the way too.  I was pleased with some ripen at home avocados I bought at Morrisons last week, they have sat in the bowl with the bananas and are now perfectly ripe. Cheap too, only £1 for four of them.

I am not a fan of smooth guacamole. OK as a dip I suppose, but to be honest I find it gloopy and slimey sometimes. A rough salsa that keeps everything in fat chunks is more to my taste. 

And it is so simple.  Just chopped up roughly with cherry plum tomatoes, red onions, a little garlic, roughly chopped coriander (lots of it) salt and plenty of lime juice (I added the zest in too, I hate wasting zest) , this salsa really set off the remains of the chili.  The remains of the sour cream I made yesterday with double cream and lime juice had set nicely in the fridge, and all told dinner was better than yesterday. 

Hurray for leftovers!

(apologies for photos... not one was actually in focus! and after it is all eaten it is toooo late! )

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