Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Grilled Seabass and Salad - Wednesday March 6th 2013

Healthy dinner today, a quick visit to Makro for some dishwasher tablets on special offer turned into a much larger spending spree, with cans of olive oil, lots of continental butter for baking, and these lovely Greek farmed seabass for a special treat.  For some reason, they weren't offering a scale and gutting service today, so I brought the fish home in their entirety and cleaned them here.

They are a pretty fish, the sea bass, with quite small scales that nevertheless will attach themselves to your hair, your clothes, your knives, your boards.... I scaled them in a plastic bag, as recommended on Masterchef by Monica Galetti, but they still bounced out at me.

Still, once scaled and gutted, a quick rinse and pat dry, a coating of olive oil and a dusting of sea salt, and they grilled up a treat. No point in messing about with them, I want to taste this delicious fish not the accompaniments, so just a lemony dressing on the salad and some buttery new potatoes.

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