Saturday, 2 March 2013

a little Lambikin Heart.... Friday March 1st 2013

It is March 1st!! It is nearly Spring!

That brings thoughts of little lambs gambolling in the fields. Straight into my cooking pot :)
Not whole lamb yet, it is still too expensive for now. But I did find these lamb's hearts at Sainsbury's on the fresh meat counter. Most likely New Zealand, to be honest (ashamed I am) I didn't look ...

So each lamb heart trimmed (for a rough guide, have a look at the calf's heart recipe I gave over on A Greedy Piglet) - you won't have quite as much tubey bit, but trim what you have away and any overly fatty side bits, then cut each heart (one per person is about right) into 6 slices. You can give them a short soak in salt water if you like to make sure any odd bloody parts are nice and clean.

Take one of those convenient packs of cubed pancetta, and saute that with a chopped onion in the bottom of your pressure cooker (or your casserole dish, but this is really made for a pressure cooker.

(And as an aside, if you don't have a pressure cooker, then get one. With the price of gas and electricity as it is, a pressure cooker will cook your meals in a fraction of the time, so using a fraction of the energy. I have a Prestige Hi Dome Aluminium one, but it can stain inside, you might prefer a stainless steel one. There are rather expensive top of the range ones like this  WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker   that I lust after.. this is a little set of a 6.5ltr and a 3.0ltr with just the one top.  or the more pedestrian Prestige Smartplus Stainless Steel 6 Litre one at a more affordable price. And if you need a good book to help you on your way, I recommend Catherine Phipp's "The Pressure Cooker Cookbook" . End of Infomercial ... usual service shall now resume..)

Add lots of chopped root veg, whatever you like, I used celery, celeriac, swede, turnips, golden beetroots, carrots.  Just cover with water, add a good tablespoon or two of stock powder - I used Essential Cuisine's lamb stock -  a slug of Lea and Perrins, a fat shake of dried thyme, and I used a teaspoon of TZ's Liar's Club spice blend. But as that is not commercially available yet, you can just use some pepper and maybe a little paprika.

Bring it up to pressure, reduce to very low, and cook for around 40 mins. If you are cooking in the oven, or on top of the stove, cook at a low heat for at least 3 hours. Whilst it is cooking, get your mashed potatoes and a can of butter beans ready.  Depressurise, and thicken with a little flour/water mix, simmer gently for another 10 minutes to cook the flour..

Serve to yummy noises.

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