Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More Charcutiere sauce with quick sausage patties Monday March 18th 2013

Quickness of dinner is something I like, this was another 20 minutes from start to finish meal.

Sausage meat cut into slices, patted in some flour and fried in just a smidgeon of olive oil, courgettes and mushrooms sautéed in a little butter, new potatoes with their skins on, and the rest of yesterday's sauce heated through.

Quick dessert too, yesterday I cooked some rhubarb in a couple of spoonfuls of marmalade and a little sugar,  and chilled it overnight.  Dolloped onto 0% Total Greek Yoghurt with a spoonful of Lizi's granola and some toasted almonds, pudding on the table in about 3 minutes!

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