Monday, 4 March 2013

Chili con carne - student days! Sunday 3rd March 2013

Nothing wrong with a student classic, when you want to cook in advance and heat up.  Things like chili con carne are so much better for an overnight in the fridge and reheating, (and if you make a HUGE vat, you can grab a bowlful and zap it in the microwave when you get home at some ungodly hour with the munchies.. but I digress. )

The Spurs GoodLuckCharm came up to go to the match with Bob, and as I wasn't sure how much time he would have, I settled on this easy classic.  Served up with some double cream soured and thickened with lime juice, basmati rice and salad. Simple and yummy!

I am sure you all have your own chili con carne recipe?   Do you need another one? Shout if you do!

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