Thursday, 2 February 2012

Soup. Lots of soup. Thurs Feb 2nd 2012

It is really cold tonight. My feet are like blocks of ice.  There is only one answer. Soup.

Home made minestrone soup

Out with the pressure cooker, chop two onions, fry with a pack of pancetta cubetti and some chopped chorizo. Chop and add any and all root vegetables found in the fridge... today that is carrots, swede, celery, celeriac. Chuck in a can of baked beans. Add a litre or so of water. Half a stock cube. Some mixed Mediterranean herbs.

Pressure cook for half an hour, than add a handful of chopped green beans, a handful of frozen peas, a couple of chopped florets of cauliflower and a handful of soup pasta. Cook another 10 mins (just ordinary boiling, not under pressure).

Serve in heated soup bowls and chuck in some chopped spinach leaves and some chopped parsley at the last minute so they wilt but don't cook too much.

(If you don't have any of the above vegetables, ignore the above and go with whatever is in the fridge.)

Eat, and feel warm again.

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