Friday, 10 February 2012

Follow the Leader : Caldo Verde, Roast Pork, Black Top Apples - Friday Feb 10th 2012

I played follow the leader tonight - each of the three courses we had (BIG dinner tonight, no particular reason, just because..) was linked to the one next to it.

First Caldo Verde, a traditional Portuguese soup of potatoes and cabbage, usually one of the kale family. Cavolo Nero in this case.

Which was the vegetable that went with the slow roast shoulder of pork, boulangere potatoes (recipe for that here ), crackling and apple sauce.

And the apples that weren't made into sauce were baked with demerara sugar to make Black Top apples.

Nice, eh?

Caldo Verde (Portuguese Cabbage Soup)

Slow Roast Pork Shoulder, Boulangere Potatoes, Cavolo Nero, Apple Sauce

Black Top Baked Apples


  1. Well, I *do* know all these foods after all! The soup looks fabulous, and might make an appearance n this side...

  2. There you are! What is a name after all :) I shall try to find time to pop the recipe for the soup on A Greedy Piglet for you :)