Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pork fillet with artichoke hearts and capers - Monday January 21st 2013

I am trying very hard to keep to the 5:2 diet precepts, but I am pretty useless at dieting. I really buck at the discipline. But I do think that eating less is good for us, so I am at the very least having 2 days in the week when I only have fruit for breakfast, and skip lunch, with a small meal for dinner.

Today was one of those "lesser" days. I used a smaller dessert sized plate, filled most of it with plain boiled new potatoes and cauliflower, and then a small pork loin steak with most of the fat trimmed, dry fried, with a couple of teaspoons of capers, a little gravy from a Knorr pot (I am quite liking these.. not so Bisto-ey in flavour as most gravy mixes) and two bottled artichoke hearts. The capers and artichokes make the gravy sharper and most tasty.

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