Sunday, 27 January 2013

Flat Potato Omelets with salad - Friday January 25th 2013

Fridays and Saturdays are always eat-the-fridge days, when I cook what is hanging around, or use up vegetables or salad hanging around from the week before.  Today I had some new potatoes starting to look as they would sprout soon, and some leftover salad greens.

Spanish style flat omelets are ideal for using up things when you want something substantial to go with a bit of salad. This had the potatoes, sliced and boiled, a couple of onions softly fried, some pancetta and chorizo, which are fridge staples here, and a good teaspoon of smoked paprika.  Topped with grated cheese (unidentified hard cheese left from Christmas) and grilled to give a nice crunch to the top.  Eaten with the other two baguettes I made the other day.

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