Sunday, 27 January 2013

Chicken soup and BBQ chicken wings.. two in one dinner! Sunday January 27th 2013

I visited Walthamstow Farmer's Market today, and picked up some lovely free-range chicken carcasses, and some chicken wings. So very cheap - 50p each for the carcasses and £2.70 for eight large, fat chicken wings.

The carcass is perfect for soup, which I always make in a pressure cooker, and I decided to cook the wings in the same pot as the soup, so that they would be meltingly tender and also contribute to the flavour of the stock. They were finished off under the grill with a glaze of barbecue sauce to add a nice bit of sweet sticky char, allowed to cool to room temperature and we ate them with our fingers after the soup.

The chicken soup had charming little stellete pasta stars, cabbage, peas and the carrots from the stock.  With homemade bread on the side, another quick (thanks to the pressure cooker, the entire meal took 45 mins only) cheap and tasty simple meal.


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