Thursday, 8 November 2012

Using up - Cold Roast Lamb and Bubble & Squeak - Tuesday November 6th 2012

After any roast dinner there is always the deliciousness of Using Up Day... cold roast meat and the excess vegetables to be made into Bubble and Squeak.

Bubble and Squeak is a true British tradition, and recipes can be found dating back to the 18th century. It is called Bubble and Squeak as originally it would have been made from leftover meat and gravy along with cabbage, and the gravy would bubble and the cabbage would squeak as it cooked.  Now it is more usual to include potatoes, and to fry up the vegetables, and serve the meat and gravy separately.

If there aren't sufficient potatoes in the leftover vegetables, I like to cook and mash a couple more, as you really need that starchy softness to hold things together.  Then just chop up all the other roots and vegetables that you have, and mix them all together with some extra seasoning if you think it needs some. You can add an egg if you wish, although I didn't. Then fry in olive oil, or leftover fat from the roast if you have any, turning and mixing from time to time to get all the golden crispy base mixed through the vegetables.

So frugal and simple yet so very delicious. You could serve the bubble and squeak for breakfast too if you like, with a fried egg on top.


  1. Bubble and squeak is my very favourite leftovers dish, I always look forward to Boxing Day bubble and squeak with bread sauce and little bacon rolls and chipolata sausages....Karen

  2. love a tasty bit of bubble and squeak... looks divine x

    1. Hi Dom, so sorry this has taken so long to approve :( If only Blogger would email me to let me know when I have a comment .. But thank you, I am well fond of my bubble and squeak too.