Thursday, 8 November 2012

Smoked Cod with Thai Style Rice - Wednesday 7th November 2012

Oh dear.

I was supposed to be making kedgeree. But when Old Mother Hubbard opened the cupboard there was no basmati rice ... three different risotto rices, and sushi rice, but these are all sticky rices and I wanted light and fluffy. What to do? I certainly wasn't going to run to the supermarket for more rice at this late stage.

Then I remembered I had a couple of packs or Ainsley Harriot Thai rice (bought for quick lunches), that would do.  After all, kedgeree was curried, so Thai curry should go as well, shouldn't it?

I gussied the rice up with extra Red Curry paste and fish sauce, the addition of vegetables as it finished cooking, so they steamed nicely (red peppers, green beans, peas and broccoli) and then some coriander to finish. I tasted the rice, it was savoury and tasty.

The smoked cod would normally have been flaked into the mix, but I decided to serve it simply on top, in one piece. I am glad I did.

The cod was delicious. The rice was delicious. But together.. oh no no no... I would not suggest anyone combining these two. We carefully removed the fish from the rice and ate them as separate courses.


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